Make your Valentines Day sparkle!

After baby comes along, finding the time, and the money, to celebrate your relationship, moves right down the list of priorities and can sometimes even be completely forgotten. Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to remember what it is you love about each other, and with our Valentines Day tips it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Have a Backyard Picnic

So the kids are in bed and a long summer evening stretches ahead of you? Why not have a backyard picnic under the stars? Include some of your favourite treats, maybe even a bottle of bubbly and a few choccies and camp out on a blanket on the back lawn. No need for a babysitter, and the only cost is if you choose to splurge on a few yummy treats.

A Bath full of Bubbles

Nothing is better after a long day at work, or a long day with the kids, than a nice, long, relaxing bath, especially if someone else runs it for you! Run your partner a bath with plenty of yummy bubbles or some special scented bath oils and he or she will relish the chance to relax and unwind. And it won't cost a thing!

Get the Kids Involved

Valentines Day cards can be expensive, not to mention actually remembering to pick one up when you're tearing round the supermarket with a couple of toddlers, so why not make your own? Or even better, get the kids to make one. It will keep them entertained for a wee while, and is far more personal and thoughtful than a bought one.

Dinner by Candlelight

OK so it's the oldest cliche in the book, but there's a reason for that: dinner by candlelight really IS the epitome of romance! There's a little bit of planning involved, but it's well worth it. Feed the kids early and get them off to bed, then set the scene for romance with a few candles, a nice tablecloth and a bottle of your fave wine. Add in a nice meal (which doesn't have to be a big deal; a nice pasta or a quick stirfry require minimum time and effort but still taste yummy) and you have the perfect romantic dinner minus the expensive bill at the end.

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