What piece of advice would you tell your pregnant best friend?

From the practical to the profound you gave us some great pregnancy advice. The diversity of the advice showed us your differences,  but the one thing you all agree on, stock up on your sleep!

I-Luv-Son The best advice given to me was from a mechanic, he said to me, listen to whatever advice people have for you then do what you want to do because you know your baby the best.

Kristina148081 I know that the best thing for your child is be calm and happy

SouthKiwi I was told by my sister and brother (they both have kids) to sleep sleep and sleep!!! I wish I had done that before my baby was born... Oh and also to drink plenty of water and moisturise

JessicaSexto I was worried about the pain of labour and one thing that helped calm me down was I got myself into the mindset that labour is an experience and this helped me to be relaxed

Dahl Your relationship will change and never be the same again, its important to remember your more then just a mum your also a wife. I missed being just a wife like crazy and that closeness there is which just the two of you.

Shadow Every pregnancy is different and should not be judged as previous ones just as each child is different and unique.

Monique Even if you hate being pregnant make sure you take some belly pics. I deeply regret not doing so.

Bibi Pack a box of Complan in your hospital bag. If you're in hospital for a few days and breast feeding the nights are very long and it's a long wait 'til breakfast

Leslie Ban google from your phone

Elen Go to a breastfeeding support group while your pregnant to pick up handy hints and tips before baby arrives

Carla Listen to your baby, they will tell you what is best for them. And read all the parenting books you want. Knowledge is power and knowing what you don't want is just as useful as knowing what you do want!

Jess Don't be too proud to ask for help when you need it.

Lucy Don't forget to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

Nessa That pregnancy is beautiful but towards the end is so damn uncomfortable (Currently 7months and I'm over it!)

Sarah Get a very comfortable chair that is not low or noisy

Laura Exercise, try and stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant it will help during and after the birth.

Tiki When you know you are tried call me I'll help

Mbali Be strong my friend

Sally Everyone has a different story and has different opinions/advice on pregnancy and parenting. You will have a completely different experience, go with your instincts.

Reshmi practice yoga especially breathing exercises which will help you relaxed.

Sam Who cares about the housework!!!! Relax and take care of yourself and baby

Fiona Do what works for you. Be kind to yourself.

Amber Find a midwife/obstetrician/medical professional you like and respect, who you feel comfortable with and will support you in the things you want the most when realistically possible. And ask any question that bothers you.

Sarah When getting your self prepared for going into labor.. It's good to think of a plan for what you would like to happen.. But don't over think it because your body is in total control, the body takes over so keep your mind positive and just go with it... The doctors and nurses are there to worry about everything else

Gracie It's all worth it!!

Jamie-Lee  Don't believe all the horror stories.

Chloë Rechargeable batteries are a must and a Slow cooker


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