Vibe Channel: My Perfect Birth

This BBC documentary follows four women with very different expectations of their ideal birth. After two natural deliveries London-based Anna has opted for an elective caesarean for the birth pf her third child, while Jo, who lives on a boat in Leeds, is planning to go it alone with her second 'free' birth, meaning no midwife, doctor or support at all, save her husband. Meanwhile in Manchester, Katie has chosen a home birth with a midwife. She plans to save her placenta and eat it (it in a fruit smoothie). Lisa of Devon is having a water birth, also at home, but this will be a 'lotus' birth, whereby the umbilical cord is uncut, so that the baby stays attached to the placenta until the cord naturally separates a week or so after birth.

An interesting insight on the extreme, topical and trendy ways of giving birth in the modern age.

Catch My Perfect Birth on Vibe, 8:30, Sunday 17 May.


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