Blood donation saved this young mother's life

New mum Alisha Keoghan would have lost her life if she hadn't had a blood transfusion from donated blood. 

At the age of 27 and after the birth of her first child Kaylis (pictured, now four years old), Alisha suffered a life-threatening postpartum haemorrhage, which found her on the receiving end of a blood donation.

The morning after Kaylis was born, Alisha began fainting, and was administered three units of life-saving blood.

“I’m alive today because of my generous donors. I’ll never know who they are, but my family and I could never thank them enough.”

After years of being a whole blood donor, Alisha recently made the switch from whole blood to plasma donation to help meet growing demands for this life-saving blood component. As doctors find more ways to use plasma to save and improve lives, the need for plasma is increasing at a rate of over 13% every year.

Last year 110,000 New Zealanders donated over 160,000 units of blood, helping save the lives of over 42,000 ordinary Kiwis. To mark this World Blood Donor Day (June 14), New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) is launching a new app for iPhone and Android.

Over 50% of blood donations are made through mobile blood drives across the country.  The app was developed in an intuitive way that will enable NZBS to stay connected with all donors.

As well as being able to book appointments, access maps of all the blood drives across the country and share across personal social media platforms, whole blood donors that download the app will also receive a special notification when their blood has been used to help save a fellow Kiwi’s life. 


World Blood Donor Day Thank You Video from NZ Blood Service on Vimeo.

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