From the mouths of babes

Kids say the darnedest things, right?  Nothing can make you giggle like a 3-year-old's pronunciation or a 4-year-old's misheard song lyrics.
Here are some of our favourites, borrowed from family quote jars around the country...

Madam 4: I know the Maori word for duck.
- You do?
- Yep, it's haka quacka

Middle of the night wake-up call: "Mama! My leg has a headache!"

While deciding which kindy friends to make Christmas cards for, Madam whispered the last name to me. "Why did you whisper?" I asked her. She replied "So Santa couldn't hear me... or God".

"Mum! I have pins and noodles in my legs!" 

In our family, snapdragons are "snapin drags" and grasshoppers are "hop grass".

"We're a family, we can't talk like that!" Madam 3, when Mummy spoke a little harshly to Daddy.

My little girl used to pronounce bottom "boppom", and an iPhone is still an "icephone"

Our 3-year-old refers to Shrek's side-kicks as "Donkey & Cats-in-a-boot".

"I'm big, I can have leaves now. I'm growing up". Proudly announced by Madam 3 upon eating some spinach. Which was promptly spat back out.

Mum: In the morning come into my bed for cuddles
Madam: No, I will sit on the couch and watch TV.
Mum: Ohhh, (pretends to sob) you love TV more than you love me... sob, sob.
Madam: Yes, I do.

Whenever we go to The Warehouse my little boy walks around saying, "Getta bargain!".

Master 4: My drink bottle is broken, we need to put it in the rubbish bin.
Mum: No, we don't.
Master 4: OK, the recycling bin then.

Our son can't say "lemonade" - instead its "nenonenonade"

Madam 3: Mummy, get me something to eat!
Mum: That's not the right way to talk to me.
Madam 3: OK. Beautiful Mummy - get me something to eat!

"This dinner is better than last night's dinner, Mummy."

My 4-year-old suddenly said, "I feel really sick mummy, I have been around girls too long" He is also of the opinion he won't have to wipe his own bottom until he gets married.

My child was marching through the mall recently singing "Underwears, underwears, underwears!"

Master 5:  I'm getting married to the neighbour and we think its best I am the at home dad.

My 4-year-old son walked through the supermarket recently singing "Everyday I'm shufflin", while trying to shuffle...

My 2.5-year-old says, "No thank you please"

When my 2-year-old wants to know what a noise is she says, 'What does that noise sound like?' and when something tastes nice she says, 'Mmmm, that feels yummy!'

When my son started wearing undies he used to tell strangers at the supermarket, "Hey, I've got undies on"

My 14 month old likes saying "baa baa sheepy sheepies" for baa baa black sheep.

The other day I said thank you to my 2.5-year-old, to which she replied, "Nice manners Mummy"

My friend's 3-year-old yells out "BIG IS GOOD" every time they drive past Mitre Ten Mega.

My 2.5 year old son and I go to a mums 'n bubs group. Every time we get ready to go to the group, he asks me "Mum, are we going to mums 'n bugs today?"

My 2-year-old: "Old Macdonald had a lady!"
Me: "Oh? And what did she say?"
2-year-old: "talk, talk, talk!!!"

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